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ANUGA FOODTEC Exhibition with Hungarian participation

Introduction of the Hungarian Packaging Industry

About statistics

According to the market surveys the global packaging consumption reached 700 billion EUR in 2017.  It means that the average consumption is about 100 EUR per capita per year. The performance of the Hungarian packaging industry was last year ca 2 billion EUR, i.e. 202 EUR per capita per year. The difference between two data expresses punctually the development level of Hungary and the Hungarian packaging industry.

We can examine the statistics from volume aspects. According to the last Eurostat’s publication 165 kg per capita is the average packaging issue in EU-28 level. This quantity varied between 48 kg per inhabitant in Croatia and 220 kg per inhabitant in Germany. This data in Hungary is 117 kg per inhabitant.


About the Hungarian Packaging Association – “CSAOSZ”

CSAOSZ, the Hungarian Packaging Association was founded by 72 companies voluntarily in 1990. During this closed to three decades CSAOSZ became a determining actor of the Hungarian packaging sector. The non-governmental professional organisation represents the interest of the packaging industry not only the national level but the international level as well. The main activity of the CSAOSZ is the environmental issue of packaging and assisting the domestic and international presence of the member companies.

CSAOSZ is member of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), European Packaging Association’s Consortium (EPIC) and European Aerosol Federation (FEA).


About the Hungarian stand at Anuga FoodTec exhibition

CSAOSZ is the main exhibitor but the focus is on the four co-exhibitors most of them members of the Association.

The four co-exhibitors had 22 billion EUR aggregated turnover in 2017 and employ 207 workers. Last year they printed with 9 printing machines 127 million running meter in 6500 tons volume.

The four companies have 15 confectioning machines and they processed 225 million pcs products (pouches, bags etc) last year.

Flexo-2000 Packaging Technology Ltd was founded on 1st of September 1998 in Nyíregyháza-Felsősima Eastern side of Hungary.

The company has a 11000 m² area, the production-area is 3000 m². This place is big enough for technical development.

The owners think the technical development and the high product quality is very important.

Kajári és Fia (and Son) Ltd was set up in October 1991 to process polypropylene film.

Thanks to improvements made in the last twenty years, Kajári Ltd is able to produce high barrier (aroma-, gas-, or vacuum-tight) multi-layer films as well as micro-perforated (breathable) packaging foils.

Due to their continuous technical and technological improvements, today they are operating a well-equipped plant.

Krajcár Packaging Ltd is a reliable supplier of different packaging products since 1991 and today the company has more than 50 professional employees and has its own high-performance machinery park.

Among their products, besides traditional natural sachets and bags, there are colourful packaging materials and films with unique graphics. Single-layer, multilayer, and coextruded film structures are also used. Thanks to this they can produce aroma, vacuum or gas barrier packaging. The production of Doypack pouches plays a key role in their activity.

According to our customer requirements, they can produce plastic or paper pouches with different sizes, with a zipper, bottom or cap.

As part of Pandan Ltd, founded entirely by Hungarian individuals, they are one of Hungarian dominant producers of flexible packaging materials for the alimentary industry.

Their presence in the field of Flexo colour printing spanning more than 20 years helps the market success of their partners through the application of the best possible graphic quality and product presentation in every single case.

As experts of solvent free lamination, they have achieved significant success in the development of material structures of various barrier properties, thanks to the strong cooperative contacts with the manufacturers of their machines and materials they use. Their work is supported by continuous innovation and research for the benefit of our customers.

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