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World Packaging Organisation (WPO) in Budapest, HUNGARY – the registration has started

The public programs of the WPO in Budapest are:
International Packaging Conference: 26 May 2016 (Thursday). The draft of the program:

wpo program

The venue of the WorldStar Prize-giving Ceremony  will be fixed soon but we are sure we will able to offer world-class entertainment for our guests.


Environmental product fee act was amended

From 01 January 2016 the Product Fee Act was amended. From packaging aspects the modifications are not significant.
Those who decide to manage waste themselves can pay the fee in a simpler way, vehicle manufacturers and distributors can play a flat rate and foreign companies that sell products which are subject to the fee online to Hungary also have to pay – these are the main elements in the modification of the law on the environmental protection product fee, which came into force on 1 January 2016. The modification affects logistics service providers too, because the first domestic owner of waste produced by removing packaging will also have to pay the fee.

25th anniversary of CSAOSZ

Hungarian Association of Packaging and Materials Handling (CSAOSZ) celebrates the 25th anniversary of its foundation this year.
CSAOSZ as professional organisation was established in June 1990 in the second place in Hungary. The last 25 years CSAOSZ worked a lot and came to a prestigious organisation in the packaging sector represented the interests of packaging producers from Sme’s till multinational companies.
CSAOSZ thanks to all members for their long-term encouragement and this supporting invigorates to the next 25 years.

Address of HAPMH secretariat: 1113 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 152., Telephone/Fax: +36-1-210-01-07, E-mail: csaosz@csaosz.hu